• Philosophy:

    A life fulfilled means to explore, dream and discover. All students encompass this and more, all while sharing their own talents and personalities. English and literacy hold the capacity to give power to their words, their insights and of course, their bright futures. 


    At a Glance the Class: 

    Topics to be Covered/Instilled

    • Critical Reading 
    • Planned, Sustained ACT Writing/Typing
    • Improved Argumentative Skills
    • Word Analysis 
    • Daily Discussions
    • Genuine Thought-Processing
    • New Perspectives
    • Self-Insight!!!


    About Me:

    English is my passion and my stronghold. A strong command of English in all aspects for students is a strong goal I have for myself, as students can then easily become local, national and global leaders. I enjoy reading everything from Emily Jane Brontë to Gabriel García Márquez. Right now, I am busy reading educational research for my MA that is in loading...