North High School Health and Wellness Grant


    Mission: Living Healthy, Living Drug-Free and Living Life


    The High School Health and Wellness (HSHW) Program is a comprehensive primary prevention for substance abuse program. Through the Arizona Substance Abuse Block Grant, the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family will support HSHW Sub-Grantees bring deeper and more impactful substance use prevention and early intervention services to youth throughout the state directly through their high schools.

  • Goals

    • Prevent the onset of underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug misuse and abuse among high school youth.
    • Utilize an evidence based approach to increase awareness and education by encouraging healthy choices so that risk behaviors are prevented, reduced, or stopped.
    • Support schools and communities in creating a healthy and drug-free learning environment.


    Jaime Rodriguez,  Assistant Principal of Student Success
    Gene Haugen,  Social Worker
    Natalie Neer Hart,  Prevention Intervention Specialist
    Sofia Lujano,  Community Liaison
    Robbie Fields,  Terros Prevention Specialist

    Contact Information

    Phone Number: 602-764-6500
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