• Thank you for taking a step in getting your voice heard!! As part of our day of action please do the following!

    Step 1: Sign in! Let us know who you are, how you heard about today, and what you are here to write about.




    Step 2:

    Find out who your representatives are



    If you want to contact your senators: 

    John McCain can be contacted here:


    Jeff Flake can be contacted here: 


    House Represenative for district 7 

     Ruben Gallego can be contacted here: 



    Governor Ducey can be contacted here:


    If you want to contact a state rep you can acess them here:


    Just click on their email and you can send them a message. 

    If you want to contact a state senator you can here: 



    Step 3: Compose your email!

    Now you need to compose your letter. It can be as short or long as you like as long as you like as like as it conveys what you want your representative to hear. 

    Here is a generic template for any topic:

    Generic Letter Template


    Need other ideas? 


    The state legislature is currently debating SB1519-  protective orders; schools; appropriations


    You can read the text of the bill here.

    It is supposed to help make schools safer through various methods and restricting gun acess to those who have shown a history of being unfit to own a firearm. 

    Read through the bill and decide if this bill will help. Go and right your legislator about your thoughts about it! 


    Other ideas: Need Help figuring out what to write about? Vist these sites!

    • If you click here you will be taken to a site that has gun control talking points to help end gun violence. See if you agree with what they are saying and if you do send that message to your representative. 
    • Click here to see the pros and cons of the control debate to figure out where you stand and then you know what message you want to share to your representative.


    No need to worry about putting your mailing address or theirs. You will just email them your letter. Type it up in a word document and then copy and paste it into the contact form on your representatives website!

    Step 4: 

    Let us know how many legislators you contacted!



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