• Ms. Leticia Cazares, M.ED.


    Hi, I am Ms. Cazares.  I love teaching 9th grade--watching my students transform from cautious learners to confident creators is an awesome experience. With over 18 years of teaching ELA at all levels, including AP and dual enrollment, I pour all that experience into making ELA at PCA a joyous, but rigorous adventure. Outside of the classroom, I spend my time gardening, reading, and hiking.  

    Let’s write something new together!



    • Bachelor of Art in British Literature  and Composition, University of Arizona 

    • Post-bacc of Education in Secondary Education, ASU West

    • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in  Reading , Grand Canyon University



    • Pride of Peoria Recipient

    • Peoria Educational Enrichment Grant Award Winner

    • Centennial Teacher of the Year


    ELA 1 / 2 Honors: Learners will demonstrate mastery of the 9th grade state ELA standards for writing, language, speaking, listening, and reading. 


    Investigations 1: Learning Showcase

    Learners will devour stories about how food: history, mythology, modern stores, etc.  Then students will  write a well-crafted narrative that showcases how food unites them and their families and communities. During our first PCA Family Night, we will be hosting a potluck style meal and invite our families to bring their favorite family dish to share with our community. 


    Investigation 2: HeroCon

    Learners  will examine the Hero’s Journey and then explore mythology from around the world before focusing specifically on The Odyssey (or another epic story).  Students will craft their own Hero’s Journey and then transform it into a Stop-Motion video. Students' videos will be shared with our community during our finale. 


    Investigation 3: Creative Campaign 

    Learners  will research and pore over current or futuristic technology before writing an Informative Research piece about  a technology of their choice.  In conjunction with the research, students will be reading novels of their choice that speak to futuristic technology.  Additionally, learners will craft complete game instructions for their Creative Campaign. 


    Investigation 4: Video Game Expo