• Welcome to Alhambra Choirs!


    Inspiring student achievement through a comprehensive and rigorous musical education in a supportive environment

     as students pursue artistic excellence in choral music performance.



    Mrs. Kristin Rebb, MM, NBCT

    Director of Choirs



    Every student can succeed

    Each individual in the choral program is valued and is an integral part of our choir’s success, regardless of their past musical experience.  Many students shy away from choir because they believe “I can’t sing”.  I believe that music is a skill that can be developed in every student.  Each singer will be given instruction and provided opportunities for personal growth and achievement.  As with so many things in life, the more you give the more you get.

    Music is Vital

    Music makes us more human.  Through music, we learn to recognize beauty and share it with others.  We learn to be a part of something greater than ourselves.  Music provides us something to cling to, something to mend a heart or to inspire greatness.  Music is truly a universal language that allows us to communicate our emotions without speaking.

    We are a Family

    We genuinely care about each other.  This is more than just a class or program.  It is a place where individuals come to grow to their utmost potential through working as a part of a team.  Choir students learn to have more love and compassion.  Music is the framework that allows us all to grow as people and it is our support of each other through this growth that creates our lasting bonds.