• Name: Mr. Valdez
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Practical Math/Adult Survival Skill/Health Skills and Varsity Football Coach
    Degree(s): BS in Psychology/Masters in Psychology
    Email: subvaldez@phoenixunion.org

    Hello to all,
    Welcome to Practical instruction where we will learn over the course of this year basic math skills as well as Life skills, Health and Job Preperation. I am very excited for this year and am eager to get the ball rolling. My name is Steven Valdez and I am married to my beautiful wife of 29 years and have lived in Az for 28 years. I have two biological children 28 and 25 and have two adopted children of 14 years old. I have a BS in psychology as well as a Masters in psychology. I currently hold the position of Varsity football Quarter-Backs coach here at Chavez and have been coaching for almost 20 years. I am really looking forward to this year and hope it is as rewarding for the students as it is going to be for me. In my spare time I coach Varsity Football here at Chavez with the responsibility of training the QB's for the program so please come out and support the program.
    My expectations of the class is very simple. All I ask of them is to be prepared, be ready to participate and be polite. I want the classroom enviroment to be one where learning and having fun can be absorbed into one. We will laugh when it is appropriate but our main focus will to be to learn.
    Classroom Policies/Rules:My rules are few but stern. I allow cell phones in the class room but ask that they are put away during instruction. Other than that the students can have then out listening to school appropriate music. In the event this rule is broken then a verbal warning will be given. If cell phone is not put away then  phone will be asked to be placed on the dry erase marker board. If phone is still out then I will ask for the phone, if refused then security will be called and will have to follow security rules for pickup.
    Be polite
    Be prepared
    Be ready to participate
    My teaching philosophy is that every student has the ability to learn, it is my responsibility to find how they learn and then teach them. I am always striving to be better today than I was yesterday.

       If there is ever the need to contact me you can reach me by email or phone.  My room number is 3202A 
    Email: subvaldez@phoenixunion.org
    Phone: 44492