• Name:Amanpreet K sehgal
    Subjects / Classes Taught:Algebra 1-2, Algebra 3-4
    Degree(s):M.Sc Mathematics , B.Ed, B.Sc

    Welcome to the exciting world of Mathematics ! Thank you for visiting my webpage.

    This is my 15th year teaching . Besides teaching regular Math , I have also prepared students for ACT in the past years and many of them passed with honors and went to prestigious universities of U.S.


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    • Room: #6208
    • Office Hours :Tuesday and Friday (7:00-7:30 AM - by appointment )
    • Textbook (online): hs-math.openupresources.org
    • Plan for Success


    My Vision

    As a Math Teacher, I believe that my most important duty is to make my students love Math. I would support my students' psychological development and educate them as free-thinking minds. I would be their facilitator and guide with whom they can talk freely .

    My Mission

    • make my students love Math.
    • provide supportive environment to let my students produce logical solution when they come across a problem. 
    • use different teaching techniques to address all kinds of learners. 
    •  introduce the real life to my students and help them to find their own path. make my students love Math.




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