Campus Shared Use Labs

    Attention Teachers:
    Off campus Substitutes are not permitted to be in the labs . Please do not schedule a lab if you are not planning on being present that day.
    Students are NOT PERMITTED to have food or drink at their workstation. Please inform your students of this before entering the lab.  Repeated infractions of this policy could result in loss of ability to utilize the labs.
    You are welcome to utilize any of our shared labs for up to five days a month each month.
    Lab requests must be submitted no later than 24  hours in advance of the requested date in the lab. Teachers may schedule a lab in advance up to 1 month of requested dates. Testing needs can be addressed and scheduled in advance for the semester
     If you would like to schedule a computer lab please fill out this form
    You will receive an e-mail response once your request is reviewed, please allow up to a full school day after your request for confirmation
    Central High School
    Computer Services
     Computer Labs are available Monday-Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm.