This course is designed to prepare students for continuing success throughout high school, college, and career.Its purpose is to improve students’ writing, listening, speaking, reading skills and to prepare them for success.Students will develop the necessary skills to exceed all standards assessed on the CRT and AZMerit tests.
    This course follows all of the guidelines outlined in the PUHSD course handbook.
    B.COURSE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Students will be able to: (a) read and identify the characteristics of various types of literature; (b) write about various topics; (c) formulate topic sentences and (d) use supporting sentences and evidence; (e) write paragraphs with clear topic sentences and supporting sentences; (f) organize paragraphs with a main idea; (g) use varied sentences; (h) write for different audiences; (i) use reference materials; (j) proofread and edit their writings.In addition, this course follows all district and state standards for 9th grade English (can be accessed through the Phoenix Union High School District and Arizona Department of Education websites).
    C.EVALUATION AND GRADING Students will be assessed in the following categories: Performance:75% Practice:20% Professionalism:5% C.EVALUATION AND GRADING (continued) Performance = Assessments, Essays, Projects, Portfolios Practice = Bellwork, Journals, Classwork, Homework Professionalism = Organization, Presentation, Responsibility •All work in each category will be graded on a five-point percentage scale 90% and above = A 80% - 89%=B 70% - 79%=C 60% - 69% = D 59% and below = F
    •You are able to access student grades online at any time.
    oParents – https://parentvue.phoenixunion.org/ oStudents – https://studentvue.phoenixunion.org/
    Both can also be accessed through the district website.
    •Unofficial grades will be sent out by the school every three weeks in the form of a progress report. oIf the student has a D or F in any class, they must return their progress report with parent/guardian signature. •Students with a “D” average or lower will be required to attend mandatory tutoring during JAG time and, possibly, before and/or after school until ALL missing work is complete and/or grade is brought to a “C” or higher.Failure to attend mandatory tutoring will result in after-school detention.
    oStudents wanting to earn honors credit for the course will be required to complete additional assignments throughout the semester.
    Tutoring will be available if student is interested in receiving honors credit. •Missing assessments and assignments may result in failure of the course.
    D.ATTENDANCE POLICY -Attendance is crucial for student academic success as there will be work that is designed to ONLY be done in class. -Students arriving to class tardy will be given detention. -15 unexcused absences may result in a citation to appear before Attendance Panel or APS. (PLEASE REFER TO THE SCHOOL ATTENDANCE AND TARDY POLICY) -It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any work missed during absences and turn it in completed within 2 days of his/her return.
    E.CLASSROOM RULES & PROCEDURES -NO FOOD! -NO BEVERAGES (except water) -Cell phones, headphones and any other electronic devices must be turned off (or silenced) and put away BEFORE entering the classroom unless otherwise specified by the teacher. -No beauty products or perfume/cologne in the classroom.
    -Practice P.A.C.E (Participation, Attitude, Cooperation and Effort) in the classroom at all times. -When the teacher is talking to the class, students will be listening without distraction. -Students will clean up area around their desks before leaving class each day.
    F.INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS & EXPECTATIONS -Instructional methods will include, but not be limited to:lecture, discussion, active participation, demonstrations and cooperative learning activities. -Instructional expectations include but are not limited to:independent and group reading, writing practice and essays using correct process of writing and mechanics, use of proper grammar, oral student presentations and maintenance of a student portfolio.
    G.CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS -Students will treat all students and the entire school staff with respect. oObscene language, disrespect, disruption and/or any other negative behavior will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. -Students will be on time and in class every day (*see attendance policy) ready to learn/work. oStudents must have something to write with, something to write on/in and an independent reading book every day. -Students will participate fully in all lessons and activities during class time. -Students will produce neat, organized, quality work that will be handed in on time.
    H.STUDENT EXPECTATIONS -Students will maintain a current, organized portfolio binder containing artifacts of their work. -Students will attend tutoring if assigned. -Students will wear their ID’s above their waist and visible at all times. -Students will have their agendas with them every day. -Students will keep classrooms and all other areas of the school clean. -Students will follow the school wide rules & regulations.
    I.NECESSARY CLASSROOM MATERIALS -2-inch, 3-ring binder -Package of 5 tabbed dividers -College ruled, loose leaf, lined paper -Spiral notebook or composition book -Plenty of pens, pencils, erasers -Highlighters -Flash drive (optional but highly recommended)