• Ingrid Barkoczy
    Subjects / Classes Taught: English 5-6, English 7-8, English 7-8 Honors 
    Degree(s): B.S. Political Science; M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction; M.A. English 

    My name is Ingrid Barkoczy. I want to introduce my background to you, so you understand my own evolution with the English language.  I was actually born in Tirgu-Mures, Romania, specifically in the territory of Transylvania. My descent is Hungarian. Transylvania used to belong to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was split up after World War I. Part of it (Transylvania) was given to Romania by the Russians. Due to its history, there were obviously many Hungarians who resided there. Romanians and Hungarians generally do not get along and there was much effort to expel Hungarians, but they refused to leave. There was considerable strife between the two ethnicities which came to head in1989, when there was a civil war and President Nicolae Ceausescu was killed. After that, the socialist government changed to a capitalist government. My father left in 1987, lived in Austria for two years and then got the opportunity to come to the United States. In 1990, when I was eight, my mother and I were given the right to join him and I have been here ever since. So, English is my third language, following Hungarian and Romanian.

    In terms of education, I went to St. Thomas the Apostle until eighth grade. I then attended Shadow Mountain High School. I received an academic scholarship to ASU, where I attained my B.S. in Political Science, then my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. I became a high school English teacher within the Phoenix Union High School District for the next seven years. During that time, I obtained my M.A. in English from Northern Arizona University. I started working for South Mountain Community College in 2013 and enjoyed it immensely.  I now teach for South Mountain Community College as well as Phoenix College. 

    I am a lifetime learner, so although I am currently taking a hiatus, I will continue with my education at some point and I am also considering pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Evaluation.  As you can see, I love to learn, I love a challenge, and I am always working on something to improve myself and my ability to contribute to the world. I feel that the worst thing you can do in life is to stay stagnant. I have a strong passion for various things, some of them being human rights and equality, women’s rights, animal rights (I am a vegan), environmental issues, a deep connection to the ocean, and an especially strong lure to continued education. 

    I am a very friendly and open person and I am here for you any time you need help. I make myself available to you through whatever channel of communication works best for you. My first priority is for you to be successful in this course and learn as much as you can in the limited time we have available. As long as you put in the work, I will make sure you are successful. 



    Ingrid Barkoczy