• Mr. Calderon 

    Classes Taught: Health and Fitness 

    Degree(s): Bachelors in Secondary Education, with an emphasis in PE; with endorsements in Science, Health, and Bilingual Ed.

    Email: acalderon1@phoenixunion.org 

    This is my 13th year as High School teachers. During the past 12 years I've taught at Carl Hayden HS, where I taught Science for three years, and my last 9 years, At Bioscience HS, I've taught Weight Training, Anatomy and Physiology, and currently teach Health and Fitness. I'm also the boys soccer varsity team at Carl Hayden HS, post that I held for 8 years. 

    About Health and Fitness

    Health/Fitness is an integrated course where students engage, understand, and apply Health and Fitness throughout the school year; this course also satisfies the Health credit required for graduation. Health engages students in opportunities to explore simple to complex health issues from personal, family and socio-cultural perspectives. As students navigate through this course they will gain a more proactive and sustainable approach when embarking on the areas that directly or indirectly affect their behavior and of those around them. Fitness, a component of Health, stresses functional or natural movements applicable to everyday life, constantly varied activities, and intense short bouts of quality work tailored to the individual’s physical abilities. Participation is key in both classroom and fitness settings’ success, since students’ engagement will determines how much the s/he takes away at the end of this journey.

    Dragon Hatchling Code of Conduct

    As a learner at Bioscience, I will:

    Do things that support a healthy learning environment and
    refrain from doing things that degrade a healthy learning environment.
    This includes, but is not limited to:

    Rules of Respect

    1. Actively participate and contribute, avoiding distractions.

    2. Use kind, school-appropriate language at all times.

    3. Use technology appropriately, and only when instructed or given permission.

    4. Treat peers, staff, and the environment with respect.