• FIZZIKS QLUB (Physics Club)
    Contact Information:  achapman1@phoenixunion.org
    Meeting Dates/Times/Locations:  Tuesdays at Lunch in Room 9002

    Here we go! If you ever wanted to try it, or wondered about it, or just saw a crazy video on YouTube, we'll do it.  (Safely of course!)
    We fly drones, go skydiving (well, in vertical wind tunnels), use Neuromuscular sensors to control things like robots, control paper airplanes with our smart phones, drive RC cars, buy that crazy stuff you see ONLY ON TV, etc. etc. etc.
    We like to play, and we like to do science, so come on by and learn why our members say "FIZZIKS IS PHUN!!!"
    And of course, we'd love to put your tax credit dollars to good use (and let you come and compete/play with us!)  Please click here to donate, and don't forget to specify Metro FYZIX  (we can't spell ;-)
    Thank you!