• Name:  Karla Trujillo Fuentes
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Algebra 1/2
    Master in Science by CINVESTAV, Mexico
    Master in Education by Arizona State University 
    Actuary Scientist by UNAM, Mexico

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    Dear Students and Parents,


    Welcome! I am grateful for the opportunity I have to teach my students, and honored by the trust that parents have deposited in me to instruct their kids.

    I am a native Spanish Speaker, with two masters degrees: one in Sciences and one in Education; I have also been teaching for 20 years. But besides my academic background and teaching experience I have tools to prepare my students for success in other aspects of career, work, and life.

    In pursuing this last objective an efficient partnership between parents and educators is of tantamount importance: you are not only invited but welcome to contact me, my doors are always open for you. You can always call me at (602) 764-6578 or e-mail me to trujillo-fuentes@phoenixunion.org


    In the following pages you will learn about the rules, procedures, and grading policies during my class. Please read them with your kids and sign the attached slip. Yours and your student’s signature constitute his/her first grade in this term.

    Do not hesitate in contacting me any time, sincerely


    Karla Trujillo Fuentes MEd, MSc 

    • Room #: S55-A
    • Office Hours: Mo-Fri 3:05 to 3:35



    Students are expected to actively seek for the strong building of a body of Algebra tools.

    This means that students are expected to:

    1.      Engage actively in all the class activities.

    2.      Interact positive and politely with peers and instructor in order to solidify and round slowly core concepts and procedures.

    3.      All the activities are designed to guide, solidify, practice, and refine new knowledge; thus, students are expected to complete every single work assigned, such as but not limited to class work, homework, small group work, research activities, practice, etc. –see evaluation for grading implications.

    4.      Take the greatest advantage of the time they have in class, from bell to bell: they won’t have down time.

    5.      Respect them selves, their peers, their school, and their instructors –see rules and procedures for details.

    6.      Ask for help always that they need to.

    Materials Required

    1.      Loose writing paper

    2.      One straight edge ruler

    3.      One two inches binder 

    5.      One straight edge ruler

    6.      Two black dry-erase markers

    7.      Glue, scissors, colored pencils, highlighters, pencil, and pen. Students shall not use red pen.

    Procedures for entering the classroom

    1.      Enter the classroom using inner voices and without running, pushing, or any dangerous behavior.

    2.      Take a book from the pile and take out your binder and materials from your backpack.

    3.      Place your homework on the space assigned, homework will be collected when the bell rings.

    4.      Take the seat you have specifically assigned, you are supposed to be sitting right after you take your book.

    5.      Get ready your journal, pen or pencil, recipe book, and mind to learn.

    6.      Start right away copying your objective and solving your bellwork, it has to be completed after I take attendance.

    7.      Wait for my instructions.

    Procedures to leave the room when the bell rings to end the period

    1.      Wait for the instructor to allow you to return your book to its place and retrieve your backpack.

    2.      Return all borrowed materials to the teacher and all textbooks to the designated shelf. Pick up all the trash.

    3.      If the chair were moved, return them to their original placement.

    4.      Turn in all your class work.

    5.      Wait on your desk for the instructor to dismiss you.

    Procedures to leave the room during class

    If you need to leave the room, ask for authorization, take the appropriate pass and sign the log. Take only the time indispensable and return hastily to class.

    Tardiness procedures

    You must be inside the classroom when the bell rings, otherwise, you are late. If this is the case, please:

    1.      Walk in quietly, in order to not to disturb the class.

    2.      Place your tardy slip on my desk and sign in the tardy log. If you fail to sign in the tardy log you will be considered absent.

    3.      Take your assigned seat or wait until the teacher assigns you one –in case of small groups activities.

    4.      Join the activity; if you do not know what the class is doing raise your hand.

    Absence procedures

    1.      If you are absent, you will not have any credit for the work made during your absence, you can make up for class work only in your absence was excused, make arrangements with me.

    2.      It is your responsibility to copy the missing activities in your journal; absences will not be considered an excuse to missing lessons content, nor to have incomplete notes.

    3.      Homework must be turned in in the due day, regardless to absences. An exception can be made in the case of excused absences.

    4.      If you miss a test, make arrangements with the professor to appoint a new date for a make up. Your grade will be penalized by 10% if you do it in a make up, unless real emergencies or out of your control contingencies have caused your absence.

    5.      You have to provide appropriate evidence for emergencies (doctor notes, etc.)

    6.      If your absence was due to a matter you consider private and you do not wish the professor to know about it, please make arrangements with the counselor for him/her to submit a justification and keep your business private.


    1.      Homework must be placed in the appropriate basket when you enter the room; homework placed after the bell will be considered late and therefore penalized by 30%.

    2.      Before leaving the room, place your class work on the appropriate space. Assignments turned in after the end of class bell or after I collected them will be considered late and penalized by 30%.

    3.      Late assignments will be penalized with a 30% for each late day. Exceptions can be made for excused absences.

    4.      Assignments completed in red ink will not receive grade.

    5.      All assignments must contain student’s full name and period; any assignment without any of this information will not receive grade.

    Classroom rules

    1. Respect the teacher and classmates (you respect the teacher when you do what she says, don’t talk back, do not touch her property without permission, and follow all classroom rules and procedures. You respect your classmates when you follow classroom rules and procedures, don’t use offensive speech to talk to them, and don’t touch their properties and persons without permission.) All inappropriate body contact, and language is banished from the room. Infractions will be punished by a discipline referral.

    2. Follow directions (this means that you do what the teacher tells you to do without complaining or arguing about it. Example: return books, go back to seat, copy from board, stop talking, etc.) Refusal to follow the teacher’s instructions are punished by a discipline referral.

    3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself (this means you do not throw things, kick things, push people, hit people, etc.)  Infractions will be punished by a discipline referral.

    4. No swearing, teasing, or name calling (you do not use obscene or vulgar language in the classroom for any reason. You do not make fun or tease another classmate.) Infractions will be penalized by a discipline referral.

    5. Be in the classroom when the bell rings (this means I want you in your seat as soon as you come into my classroom and I want you to be on time.)

    6. Fighting, threats, or verbal abuse are considered as severe misbehavior and punished by a discipline referral.

    7. Cellphones and other electronics cannot be used in our room. Non-authorized devises will be confiscated and deposited at the administration office. Failure in compliance is punished by a discipline referral.

    8. Any kinds of food or drinks are forbidden inside the room, with the exception of water in a capped bottle.


    Consequences to misbehavior will be administered according to the Youngker High School policy.


    I am available for tutoring from 3:05 to 3:35, second lunch, and MAP class, Monday to Thursday.

    Academic integrity

    With regards to the academic integrity, all students must abide to Phoenix Union High School District conduct code; failure in compliance will result in the consequences that both instances determine.