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    Samer Shiban
    Camelback High School ESL Department 
       Welcome to my classroom 8203 where we learn ELL reading courses for Pre-emergent/Emergent and Intermediate levels. I earned a BA with a major in English Literature, and a BA with a major in Education. I graduated from ASU with an MA in ESL, and taught in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. My wife and me were teaching in Qatar when we decided to immigrate to the USA in 2006. My two daughters, Nisreen and Heba, started as ELL students in Arizona with no English background.  I understand the importance of learning English for both academic and social assimilation and achievement. I am honored and excited to help our children learn English and invigorate their valuable academic and cultural reservoir. I hope our promising students spend their most productive and enjoyable year learning these courses working with me and with each other.