• Name: Ms. Valencia
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Spanish 3 and 4
    Degree(s): BA Psychology, Ma Secondary Education
    Email: valencia@phoenixunion.org

    Hola! I am Ms. Valencia and I teach Spanish 3 and 4.  I have lived in Europe half of my life and in America for the other half. I have lived in Spain, Germany and Italy and moved to the United States in my late teens. I have traveled to 30 countries and am incredibly passionate about traveling and learning and experiencing other countries cultures. I hope to bring my students a passion for traveling and to expand their worldview

    • Room # LA64
    • Office Hours 3:05 - 3:30 PM
    • Textbook(s) Name(s) Expresate 
    • Teaching Philosophy will be in the target language as much as possible in order to develop listening skills. The textbook and accompanying tapes and videos will supplement authentic listening and reading activities. Authentic texts and auditory materials will be a springboard for speaking and writing activities used for the Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) designed for each unit. Other materials will be integrated where desirable.
    • Expectations -
    • Classroom Rules
    1. Be present and on time
    2. Come prepared to learn and follow directions
    3. Stay on task and in your seat
    4. Be respectful to yourself and others
    Students must know and follow all rules in the student handbook in addition to classroom rules mandated by teacher. 
    • Syllabus- Plan for Success
    • Useful links: https://quizlet.com, https://conjuguemos.com/activities/spanish/verb/1