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    Mrs. Kathy Hughes
    Department:  Science
    Subjects / Classes Taught:  Chemistry
    Degree(s): B.S. in Biology, minor in Chemistry
    Phone:  (602) 764-7224

    In Chemistry at Camelback High School, students will be developing a model of matter, as they build their understanding of particles, how they interaction and how they reaction with each other.  Throughout the year students will be working on becoming scientifically literate as practice scientific skills of inquiry and build skills of communication.   It is my goal to create an interest in science and to get students to consider pursuing further scientific study.

    A Year-at-a-Glance in Chemistry:

    Quarter 1:  Matter, Measurement and Analysis of Matter, Gases

    Quarter 2:  Thermal Chemistry, The Mole

    Quarter 3:  Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table, Bonding and Nomenclature, Chemical Reactions

    Quarter 4:  Stoichiometry, Solutions, Acid and Bases