• Name: Laura Randleman
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Early Childhood Education 1-4, CDA Practicum
    M.S. Early Childhood Studies

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    I believe that my role as a teacher is to empower my students through the careful planning and implementation of relevant and challenging instruction. Key to this concept is active engagement coupled with responsive feedback, both within a supportive, inclusive environment.  Teaching is about preparing students for life, career, and college. Education is an investment – I am a catalyst. Most importantly, I am also an ongoing investor. I must proactively seek knowledge for my own personal growth so as to ensure that those I teach benefit the most from our interactions.

    I believe that each student is unique. Each comes with distinct knowledge, skills, experiences, backgrounds, and challenges. It is my responsibility to provide opportunities for connections between this existing base and new content using a variety of strategies. Furthermore, I believe that every student has the ability to succeed, just not necessarily in the same way. Some students benefit most from project-based learning; others from more traditional formats. The primary commonalities are clearly stated expectations and the support necessary to achieve.
    My desire specifically as an Early Childhood educator is to positively impact the lives of children by positively impacting those who care for them. I strive to help students gain the confidence and skills necessary to fulfill their personal potential to meet the ever-changing needs of children. 

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