• Stephanie Besch
    Honors Engineering Sciences 1-4
    BA- Santa Clara University
    Masters of Architecture - Southern California Institute of Architecture 


    School             MetroTech                                          Teacher Stephanie Besch                          Prerequisite(s) None

    Department   Engineering                            Course Title   H. Engineering Sciences 1-2 and 3-4!                    

    Welcome to Engineering Sciences 1-2.  In this course you will be exposed to the wide range of disciplines and skills in the field of engineering. In this course you will learn about various opportunities within engineering and how engineers improve people’s lives.  You will have the opportunity to learn new content and skills, implement knowledge you already possess, and develop a specialized area of interest based on need, talent and preference.    

    Welcome to Engineering Sciences 3-4.  This year you will be using the skills you acquired in 1-2 to participate in the EPICS High program. 

       EPICS is an engineering design service learning program that incorporates the engineering and human-centered design processes in    providing solutions to real world problems facing society. To identify and address these problems, EPICS High teams typically work    closely with their schools or not-for-profit agencies. ASU’s EPICS High program promotes an interdisciplinary approach, utilizing the    creativity and expertise of students both already interested in STEM fields, as well as the skills of students outside of engineering or    that haven’t yet been exposed to engineering, to develop and implement these solutions. In doing so, students not only provide a needed    philanthropic service, they also hone their skills as engineers and entrepreneurs.’ (epics.engineering.asu.edu)

             Check it out! http://epics.engineering.asu.edu/epics-high-school/ 

    What does this mean for you? This means you are going to have the opportunity to work with real-world companies, organizations, groups, and philanthropists to help create, design and produce an engineered solution to their need.

                Get ready to learn how effective teamwork can create solutions that make a world of difference.

                Projects may include:

    ·   Professional Drawing

    ·   Bridge Construction and Analysis

    ·   Troubleshooting

    ·   Safety

    ·   Project Management

    ·   Team Work

    ·   Brainstorming

    ·   Programming

    ·   Time Management

    ·   Game Design and Build

    ·   Documentation(Engineering Notebook)

    ·   Machining

    ·   Robot Construction

    ·   CAD design

    Time management will be emphasized as it is important to complete projects on time—especially when they are complex and competition is involved.  Oftentimes, when you finish one part, it must be passed on to other team members for installation, programming, and testing.  Respecting other team members is essential.

     Materials Required:        Each student is expected to supply the following materials for class.     (Please speak privately with the instructor if you have difficulty getting them)

     Pens

     Pencils

     Glue (bottle and stick)

     Highlighters

     Planning Calendar

     Lined Paper

     Good Attitude

     Gracious Professionalism

     Integrity

     Engineering Notebook (composition notebook)

     Professional Email Address

    Grading System:     Grades will be based on the following criteria:                           100%-90%=A

                                              Projects/Teamwork (25%)                                                                 89%-80%=B

                                              Notebook/Bellwork/Homework (25%)                                                 79%-70%=C

                                              Assessments (may be in project form) (50%)                              69%-60%=D

                                                                                                                                                    Below 60%=F

     Title I Program:      Academic tutoring and test preparation is available to all students.  Additional support for passing classes and graduating on time is the intent of these services.  Support through Title I funding is available in the areas of: math, reading, and English.  If interested, please contact the Principal, Mr. Reynoso for additional information at (602) 764-8000.

     Make-up Policy:  Due dates are hard.  Late work is not accepted for unexcused absences.  It is important to complete tasks in a timely fashion as anyone who holds a job in our society.  When students miss class due to being brown slipped, they are expected to turn in assignments on time.  If students should miss class, they are to check with their group leader or members for handouts and notes.  Students with excused absences will be given the amount of days absent to make up the work. No exceptions. 

     Attendance:  Attendance is mandatory every day.  It will be impossible to keep up with daily work without good attendance - so don't miss.  If extenuating circumstances make it necessary to miss class, understand that it is the responsibility of the student to consult the teacher the next day to make up missed work.  “Absent” is defined as nonattendance in an assigned class or activity for more than one-half of the period. [PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR]

    Tardy Policy:  Be on time to class every day.  This means, students are to be in their seat starting work when the bell rings. [PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR]  Tardiness is a distraction to the class. It is your responsibility and ultimately your decision to be on time every day.  Bell work or quizzes missed because of unexcused tardiness cannot be made up.  Detention will be assigned for every tardy after an initial warning.  Attendance during special course activities, competitions, and state testing is also a course expectation.  Lack of participation in these can affect your final grade.

     Expectations    This class will provide a safe environment for learning.  Guidelines are:

    1. Respect each other and each other’s property.

    2. No food, drink, or gum in the classroom.

    3. Come prepared.

    5. Turn in assignments neat and on time.

    6. ID’s must be worn above the waist and visible at all times unless they are a safety hazard.

    7. Store all phones and electronic devices when entering the room.

    8. Safety glasses, gloves, and/or hearing protection will be worn as necessary.


    Accidents will be appreciated for their educational value, but those who intentionally impair team efforts may be dropped from the class with little or no notification.