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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

    Mrs. Torunn Randich
    Mrs. Randich, circa 2018, at the House on the Rock in Wisconsin
    room: 1330
    email: randich@phoenixunion.org
    classroom phone: (602) 764-3408
    Schedule: period 2 - 3 - 6 - 7 English 7/8
                            period 8 English 7/8 Honors
    1. Come to class every single day
    2. Be in your seat ready to learn when the bell rings
    3. Put your phone away
    4. Participate in class activities
    5. Turn in assignments on time
    6. Try your best on assignments (it's better to write "I don't know" than to leave something blank or to never submit anything)
    7. Use polite language (so no racial or sexual or gender slurs)

    Pet Peeves: 

    1. tardies
    2. disorganization (so moving desks, leaving chairs pushed out, or not putting materials away)
    3. being drained of energy 
    4. using common slurs that offend people


    Office Hours:

    I am always available by appointment, but I am using available for drop-ins from 7-8 a.m. and 3-3:30 p.m. 


    Syllabus for English 7/8

    Plan for Success:

    Honors Plan for Success for English 7/8

    Plan for Success for English 7/8


    I'm forty-one years old, married to a history teacher at Alhambra High School, and have two dogs: a chihuahua and a whippet/rat terrier mix. I grew up in Wisconsin, but I've been teaching all over the world for the last fifteen years, so I don't really consider myself to have a "home."  Traveling is pretty much my only talent; I dabble in things like painting, writing, photography, and running, but you're best at what you do the most, so I'm a traveler and a reader.  If I could do anything in the world, my husbad, dogs and I would be paid to sail around the world and write about it, but I'd probably still be teaching, just online.  This is my fourth year at Carl Hayden and my first without sponsoring any activities.  

  • Ready for College, Career, and Life: Unit One

    Posted by Torunn Randich on 8/1/2018


    "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" Asked Alice.

    "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.

    "I don't much care where -" said Alice.

    "Then is doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat. 

    "-so long as I get somewhere," added Alice as an explanation. 

    "Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."

    - Lewis Carroll, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland


    You are at a precipe.  This year, your senior year, is a bridge as you transition from being a K-12 student (and legally, a child) to an independent human (and legally, an adult).  This year is about releasing responsibility.  Your elementary, middle and high school teachers, your coaches, and parents have provided you with most of what you need and know.  You've pretty much just had to show up, exist, and accept.  But as this year progresses, you will be developing more and more responsibility.  We are handing it off to you, like a torch, or a baton, or something else with physical heft and significant importance.  Until May of 2019, you have known where to go every day (school) and basically what to do when you are there (learn), and now you are going elsewhere.  Where is that elsewhere? What do you need to do to get there?  

    That is what this first unit is about.  

    We will begin with some fundamentals: goals, expectations, and resources; ethos/logos/pathos; connotation/denotation; grammar; editing and revision; what is a story and how do you make it compelling.  

    Then, we'll start synthesizing these skills and this knowledge into personal statements, cover letters, and resumes.  

    Now, remember that bit in the first paragraph about responsibility?  Yep, I meant that.  YOU are responsible for your own learning.  YOU.  You right there.  Not me, not your boyfriend, not your mom, not the president, not your issues or obstacles or brother or cat or the car accident or the printer that didn't work or the storm that crashed the internet in the entire town: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LEARNING.

    Learning is more than points.  It's more than credit.  It's more than a grade.


    Learning is knowledge, skills, and resources and the more you have, the more prepared and successful and effective you are. 

    Think of learning like an arsenel.  The bigger your arsenel, the more chance you have to survive whatever attack is coming at you. 

    So when it comes to a question of "extra credit," I don't want you to focus on getting points.  I want you to focus on getting knowledge that will supplement your ideas and understanding, helping you engage with the texts that we read and providing you with more details to inform your writing.  

    Thus, look for additional resources that you think will relate to college and career:  books, movies, TV shows, songs, anything with a story line about jobs or college.  Obviously, this is a very broad topic area, because we are looking at things about life, so there are thousands of options.  

    Some suggestions are:

    About college: 

    • Good Will Hunting
    • The Social Network
    • Legally Blonde
    • Real Genius
    • Pitch Perfect
    • Higher Learning
    • Accepted
    • Liberal Arts
    • Tenure
    • Smart People
    • 21
    • Acceptance (tv movie)
    • Undeclared (tv show)
    • Blue Mountain State (tv show)
    • Community (tv show)
    • A Different World (tv show)
    • Felicity (tv show)
    • Sweet/Vicious (tv show)
    • The Secret History (book)
    • Fangirl (book)
    • Tam Lin (book)
    • Wonder Boys (book)
    • Lucky Jim (book)
    • The Rules of Attraction (book)
    • The Big U (book)
    • The Idiot (book)
    • Five Point Someone (book)
    • The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao (book)
    • Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me (book)
    • This Side of Paradise (book)
    • The Gate of Angels (book)
    • The Art of Fielding (book)
    • Welcome to Braggsville (book)
    • The Collective (book)
    • I'll Take You There (book)
    • Blue Angel (book)
    • Moo (book)
    • On Beauty (book)
    • Brideshead Revisited (book)
    • I Am Charlotte Simmons (book)

    About work:

    • The Internship
    • The Intern
    • The Devil Wears Prada
    • A Serious Man
    • Office Space
    • Horrible Bosses
    • Up in the Air
    • Extract
    • Morning Glory
    • Employee of the Month
    • The Work
    • North Country
    • Bee Movie
    • Working Girl
    • The Promotion
    • Barbershop
    • 9 to 5
    • Men at Work
    • Clerks
    • Dirty Jobs (tv show)
    • The Office (tv show)
    • Mad Men (tv show)
    • Grey's Anatomny (tv show)
    • Parks and Recreation (tv show)
    • Silicon Valley (tv show)
    • Workaholics (tv show)
    • The IT Crowd (tv show)
    • Scrubs (tv show)
    • Veep (tv show)
    • 30 Rock (tv show)
    • Then We Come to the End (book)
    • Lean In (book)
    • Cubed (book)
    • Personal Days (book)
    • Jarhead (book)
    • Sniper (book)
    • Nickel and Dimed (book)

    About life:

    • Away We Go
    • Love Story
    • And millions of others







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