• Welcome to the Counseling Department at The Academies at South Mountain!

    Counseling Senior Office Assistant: Mari Soto 602-764-5060 msoto@phoenixunion.org  
    Chris Billingsley (Instructional Leader & MAD) 602-764-5046
    Stephanie Clay (Freshmen)
    Margaret Carroll(PSS)
    Daisy Padilla(SciTech/Aero)  
    Simir Rand(SciTech/Aero)
    Selena Huitron(MAD) 


     Kandy Cordova(Freshmen)



    The Guidance and Counseling Program at South Mountain High School seeks to positively impact the lives of our students by partnering with the community, parents, faculty and staff.  Our department offers comprehensive planning and guidance services addressing student academic and career goals, as well as personal and social needs.  We work to give students the opportunities to acquire the educational and social competencies necessary for their growth toward lifelong success in college, career and life.


    Students can schedule an appointment with the Counseling Senior Office Assistant, Ms. Soto, before school, at lunch or after school until 3:30pm.


    Our Counselors are primarily assigned to students based upon Academies:


    • Ms. Clay: Freshman Academy(9th grade only & SEI*)
    • Ms. Cordova: Freshman Academy(9th grade only & ESS*)


    • Mr. Billingsley: Media Arts & Design Academy(MAD:10th-12th grade)
    • Ms. Huitron: Media Arts & Design Academy(MAD:10th-12th grade)
    • Ms. Padilla: Science/Technology& Aerospace Academy(10th-12th grade)  
    • Ms. Rand: Science/Technology& Aerospace Academy(10th-12th grade) 
    • Ms. Carroll: Public & Social Services Academy(PSS:10th-12th grade)  

    *SEI=Structured English Immersion

    *ESS=Exceptional Student Services

    All college-going seniors can plan and prepare for life after high school. Click on the link below for resources and contact information: