• Name: Jennifer White 
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Freshmen English 
                                               Freshmen Honors English
                                               Senior English
    Degree(s):  Bachelor of Science in Education 
                      Northern Arizona University
                      Masters Educational Administration
                      Northern Arizona University
                      Reading Specialist Endorsement
                      Northern Arizona University
    Email:        jwhite1@phoenixunion.org
    Hello and Welcome to Freshmen and Senior English
    My name is Jennifer White and this is my first year at North High School.
    I am very excited to be at North and look forward to working with your student.
    This is my 18th year teaching.  

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    • Room # LA 44 
    • Office Hours  -  8:45 - 9:30 2:45 - 3:30 
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