•  Ms. McLaughlin        mclaughlin@phoenixunion.org
                                                          Courses: THRIVE Medically Fragile CBT1: Functional Academics and Life Skills
     Degree: ESS Cross Cat


    Mission:(What I do)   Expand Abilities to increase functional independence

    Values: (Governing Concepts)  Embrace Differences, Demonstrate intestinal fortitude, Make it Happen!  All the Way!

    Vision: (Aspiration)  Optimize inherent independence


    Resources Link During School Closure       Enlace de recursos durante el cierre de la escula     https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fy1OtI_u79EhRDx1PJVJxl0RipKeFnBU/view


    PHOENIX UNION CORONAVIRUS INFO  Crisis Management Information      https://www.phoenixunion.org/Page/25615