•  Mr. Thomas A. Randich
    ESO Social Studies
    B.A. History, M.ed Curriculum and Design
    Highly Qualified Areas: History, Government, Economics, English

    I am very excited to be at Alhambra. I have been a teacher and coach for 11 years. I began my career right here in Phoenix, Arizona where I taught history and economics at Maryvale High School. After that I began traveling and teaching internationally for the last 7 years. I spent two years teaching in Puerto Rico where I coached softball and taught history. Most recently I spent the last 5 years teaching English in the United Arab Emirates. During my travels I have visited over 25 countries. Here at Alhambra I will be teaching the evening school social studies classes of AZ/US History 1 and 2, World History 1 and 2, Economics, and Government. You do not need a book, but you do need to be familiar with our Edgenuity program. (www.edgenuity.com)
    • Rooms 3011, 1141
    • Office hours 4105 Teacher Center 10 am - 1 pm or by appointment
    • Block 1---- 12:55pm - 3:50 pm Room 3011
    • Block 2 ---- 4:00 pm - 6:55 pm Room 1141
    Send me an email with questions or concerns and I will respond in 24 hours. 
    Education is a precious thing; enjoy your time at Alhambra, but take it seriously. Stop by and practice Spanish or Arabic with me.