• Name: Marilyn Ornelas
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Culinary Beg & Adv.
    Degree(s): Bachelors
    Email: mornelas@phoenixunion.org

    "Food is our common ground, a universal experience." 
      -James Beard
    Beginning and Advanced Culinary
    Pre-requisites: Beginning Culinary is open to Sophomores and Juniors
                            Advanced Culinary students must complete Semesters 1 & 2 in Beginning Culinary and a teacher reccommendation
     Welcome to South Mountain Culinary.  This is a two year course where you will learn the basic fundamental principles for a career in culinary arts.  Culinary Arts is a work based learning class where focus is placed on learning the skills necessary for success for any employment field.  As you develop your skills in the kitchen you will also begin to develop soft skills that will make you a valuable employee.  
    Beginning culinary students learn sanitation and safety measures that will prepare you to earn a Maricopa County Food Handlers License.  You will learn to read and follow a recipe successfully to completion, use both small and large equipment.  In Culinary 1 you will learn the science of bakery and pastry as you create cookies, muffins, pies and yeast breads.   2nd semester will introduce various cooking methods such as frying, broiling, and baking.  You will be able to deep fry french fries and turn yeast bread into a pretzel for a pretzel dog.  We will complete the year by learning about regional foods in different parts of the United states.  Our final production will be a competition to see who can create the best cupcake.  
    Scholarships: Are you serious about the food industry.  South Mountain participates in Careers through Culinary Arts Program (CCap) where you will have the opportunity to earn a scholarship to continue your learning in higher education.  CCap has awarded $50 million in scholarships since 1990 to students around the US.
    Leadership: Interested in leadership opportunities?  All culinary students are enrolled in Skills USA.  Skills USA offers leadership training to students.