• The Academies at South Mountain Administration

    Brian Fair

    Phone: 602-764-5001
    Email: bfair@phoenixunion.org

    Assistant to Principal: Candy Mills

    Frederick Montoya

    Phone: 602-764-5251
    Email: cpeterson2@phoenixunion.org

    Assistant: Maria Bugarin

    Christopher Oglesby
    Assistant Principal of Public and Social Service Academy

    Phone: 602-764-5037
    Email: oglesby@phoenixunion.org

    Assistant: Stephanie Scherling

    Cecilia Peterson
    Assistant Principal of Media Arts and Design

    Phone: 602-764-5042
    Email: cpeterson2@phoenixunion.org

    Assistant: Lauren Leija

    James Williams
    Assistant Principal of Science, Technology, and Aerospace

    Phone: 602-764-5020
    Email: jwilliams3@phoeniuxnion.org

    Assistant: Briana Garcia

    Kim Higginbotham
    Freshmen Academy and Athletic Director

    Phone: 602-764-5039
    Email: khigginbotham@phoenixUnion.org 

    Assistant: Angelica Quihuis