Metro Tech Dance  
    Bailaroyales Dance Ensemble
    Sponsor:  Lauran Stanis
    Contact Information:  Stanis@phoenixunion.org
    Meeting Dates/Times/Locations:  All rehearsals are in Studio 1515 (the dance room)
                Rehearsals for 2019-20 school year are Wedensday from 3:15-4:30pm

    Bailaroyales is Metro Tech High School's elite dance ensemble. This performance group was born out of the passion and excitement of a group of dancers who wanted more opportunities to express themselves through dance. Their name is as unique as their organization. "Bailaroyales" is a combination of the words "bailar" and "royal." Bailar is the Spanish word for dance- the unifying passion and driving force of our members. Royal draws inspiration of a group of Knights- "The Royal Order of..." We are "The Royal Order of Dancers." 
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    The dance club at MTHS was previously know as the Knight Dancers
    Favorite performances included include EXPLORE PUHSD at Phoenix College, Spirit Assemblies, Metro's Halloween Party, Lunch Performances, Advisory Performances and their end of the year concert!
    Tax Credit Link
     Please make a contribution to Knight Dancers through the Arizona Education Tax Credit for 2018.  You can go to PayPal link at www.phoenixunion.org/taxcredit to make a donation.  Please make sure you state where you want your money to go (Metro Tech Dance).  If you prefer to donate with a hardcopy, please go to Metro Tech's Bookstore and ask for a donation form.  Your donation is a money back guarrantee.  Any individual who pays taxes in Arizona can participate, and it doesn’t have to be for the full $200 or $400 limit ($200 for singles; $400 for couples).  The deadline has been extended to April 15 to receive the dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your 2018 taxes. Already given this year?  That's okay, we are already accepting donations for 2019!  Ever dollar helps bring opportunities to our young dancers!
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     Hoopcoming 2016 The team!