• Mr. Larsen

    Mr. Tom Larsen

    Geometry 1-2 Teacher

    Room 3209

    Contact Mr. Larsen at:larsen@phoenixunion.org

    I have taught more than 20 different classes since I began my teaching journey in 1998. I also spent the better part of a decade serving as a Technology Coordinator in the Vail Unified School District Southeast of Tucson, Arizona. I began my PXU journey At Chavez teaching Physics and Earth & Space Science in August of 2014.

    Sunset from Kitt Peak


    • B.S. Earth Science Education, University of Arizona
    • M.A. Educational Leadership, Northern Arizona University


    I know that all students can learn and be successful doing so. Discovery is the key to learning, so I expect all students to question as much as possible. They can learn much more than I can teach them if they do so.

    Expectations:Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River

    This class will provide a safe environment for learning. Any actions that endanger the safety or ability to learn of other students will not be tolerated.

    1. All members of the class will respect all persons and property without exception.
    2. Bring all necessary materials to class every day.
    3. Attend every class. (Attendance is not optional)
    4. Turn in assignments neat and on time.
    5. ID's must be worn above the waist and visible at all times.
    6. Electronic devices must be stored upon entering the classroom. They should only be visible when your instructor directly states that you may do so.