• Gay Straight Alliance S.A.G.A. Club
    Sponsors: Kim Robinson & Leah Hopper
    Every Monday
    During Both First and Second Lunch
    In Mrs. Hopper's Room
    Room 246.

    The Gay Straight Alliance S.A.G.A. Club
    (SAGA Club for short)
    promotes equality and education for all individuals,
    however, has a primary focus on Sexuality And Gender Awareness.
    Dec 2013 GSA meeting
    Students involved in this club learn about different subjects
    such as relationships, sexuality, gender identity, and personal identity.
    Members also participate in
    outdoor activities such as flashmobs and team building exercises
    face painting
    informational lunch stands
    healthy relationship activities
    and much much more!
    Join the S.A.G.A. Club every Monday in Room 246
    We always have snacks and music 
    So Bring your lunch
    and bring your friends 
Last Modified on January 7, 2014