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    Carl Hayden Community High School
    3333 W. Roosevelt
    Phoenix, AZ 85009

    Phone Number: 602-764-3000

    Attendance Hotline: 602-764-3300

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    Phone Directory 

    Main: 602-764-3000

    Attendance Hotline: 602-764-3300

    Dr. Julio Rubio, Principal: 602-764-3035
    Ms. Viviana Lopez, Assistant to the Principal

    Ms. Juliana Contreras, Assistant Principal for Instruction: 602-764-3032
    Ms. Christina Rodriguez, Assistant to AP for Instruction

    Ms. Angela Silvas, Assistant Principal for Registration: 602-764-3002
    Ms. Andrea Zapata, Assistant to AP for Registration 

    Ms. Sara Matthews, Assistant Principal for Student Opportunities: 602-764-3030
    Ms. Marissa Flores, Assistant to AP for Opportunities

    Mr. Gilbert Jones, Assistant Principal of Student Success: 602-764-3010
    Ms. Diana Herendez, Assistant to AP for Student Success