• Name:
    Angela A. Palacios
    Subjects / Classes Taught:
    Spanish 1-2
    SSS Spanish 1-2
    Bachelor's: Sul Ross State University
    Master's:   Arizona State University
    Doctoral Expected Graduation Date: May 2014 - Arizona State University

    Room: 133                                                                       

    Work Phone: 602-764-5000

    Grading System: Approved grading scale for Phoenix Union High School District

    90– 100%         =   A
    80– 89%           =   B
    70– 79%           =   C
    60– 69%           =   D
    59%and below  =   F

    Assessment Procedures:

    Allassignments will be evaluated based on rubrics instituted by the district or onrubrics created by the teacher and explained before giving assignments.

    Ingeneral, the following work will be worth the specified percentages:

    ¨      Term 1 – 40%

    ¨      Term 2 – 40%
    ¨      Final Exam – 20%


    Studentsare expected to attend every class for the entire period.  Excused absences require writtencommunication from the school or parent. Since a majority of the work in this class is participatory, regularattendance is imperative.  Students mustfollow school policy with regard to tardiness. Students are expected to be in their seats when the bell rings.  Students who are tardy may cause distractionsand often miss directions or announcements. Therefore, punctuality is essential for success.  Tardy students will have points deducted from their participation grades.


    Quizzes/tests/projects and any other assignments must be completed within 24 hours of return at aconvenient time for the teacher.


    Make-up Work:
    Late work willonly be accepted within 24 hours after missing due date.


    The following materials are recommended for success inSpanish 1-2:
    ¨      1” three-ring binder
    ¨      spiral notebook for notetaking OR lined notebook paper
    ¨      Black or blue pens and #2pencils
    ¨      1 package of constructionpaper OR 1 box of Kleenex OR Markers OR Colored Pencils

    Iffinances do not allow for any of the listed materials, please contact me.


    Discipline Policy:
    Listedbelow are the classroom rules, the rewards students reap when they follow therules, and the consequences of breaking the rules.  Students must follow all school and classroomrules.
    Classroom Rules:
    1.       Respect all people andproperty.  (No criticizing or swearing.)
    2.       Be in class and seated whenthe bell rings (every day).
    3.       Follow all directions (thefirst time given).
    4.       Complete all assignments,and submit them on time.
    5.       Electronic equipment is notallowed in class.
    ¨     Rewards include verbal or written praise,individual rewards (candy, no homework pass, etc.), positive communication withparents (note, phone call, etc.), and classwide reward systems.
    ¨      Consequences includewarnings, student conferences, calls home to parents, detentions after school,referrals to Dean, and parent conferences.


    ¨      Students will follow allschool and classroom rules.
    ¨      Students will give theirbest efforts on all assignments.
    ¨      Students will maintainpositive attitudes and willingly participate in class activities.
    ¨      Students will come to classwith necessary materials.
    Teacher Availability/Tutoring:

    In general, I will be available for phone calls andstudent or parent conferences after school from 2:35-3:30 PM.  I will also be available during additionalhours by appointment.  Please feel freeto contact me if you have any questions. Tutoring is available before school(7:30-7:55) as well as during 1st lunch (10:55-11:35) and during 8thperiod (2:40-3:30)


    All School Rules will beenforced.

    These rules and guidelinesare intended to maximize learning on the part of all students.  It is hoped that they will help to insuresuccess for all with a valuable and rewarding experience in the SpanishClassroom.

    I will do my best to help your son/daughter be successful in Spanish class.  I will be available for extra help beforeschool, during lunch and after school. Encourage your son/daughter to inform me of any problems or concernsthat might hinder the process of learning in the classroom.  You are welcome to contact me anytime to askabout the progress of your child.
    Iunderstand the guidelines in the “Plan for Success” for Spanish 1-2.  I also understand that I am responsible formy own learning and the teacher is here to teach, encourage, and support my efforts.

    naddition, I will contact your parent or guardian by phone and/or writing if youviolate school policies, or if there is a concern about your academic progress.
    I understand the guidelines in the “Plan forSuccess” for Spanish 1-2.  I alsounderstand that my son/daughter is responsible for their learning.  I understand that as a parent/guardian, I ama part of the teaching team and I will help the teacher by being involved withmy son’s/daughter’s learning.