• Name: Mr Morton
    Subjects / Classes Taught: U.S. History and U.S. History Honors
    Degree(s): Secondary Education history & Social Studies (BSED) from NAU

    Hello all and Welcome to American History. throughout the year we will be learning about how our country came to be, the people and events that shaped it, and how it is changing still today. I hope we can all have a fun and safe learning environment.
    additional information
     Room # 170
    Office Hours: before school 7:00am - 7:55 am. 5th lunch, or after school until 4:00pm.
    Textbook: The Americans
    Plan for Success: Work Hard! anyone that shows me they are willing to work throughout the year will get all the help that I can give to guarantee they will pass.
    Teaching Philosphy: I want to make history relevant and interesting for the students. Ultimately I want them to understand how the country they live in came to be the way it is, so that they may understand how it will be in the future. History is no longer about memorizing dates and knowing presidents it is about examining the past and applying the lessons learned to our present.
     Expectations: I expect my students to come to class everyday prepared. Keeping up with homework is the students responsiblity, and is very important to their overall grade. Keeping up with homework and classwork can easily balance out bad test scores, so do not give up after a bad test score! just keep up with all other assignments.
    Classroom rules/policies: I adhere to any and all South Mountain school wide rules.