• 1st Day of School
    Name: Ms. Maggie Loranger
    Subject: English 7-8
    Room: 114
    Office Hours: M-F 7th and 8th hour or by appointment

    I.      Course Description

    English 7-8 is the final course in the series of required English courses. The curriculum uses international classics, with emphasis on British literature, to provide a world view of mankind throughout the centuries and across the regions of the world. Proficiency in all six traits of writing is expected in all writing forms. Research findings are presented using MLA style in a research paper. A comparison of the impact of multiple media forms on society is studied.

    II.   Text and Materials Required

    British Literature, McDougal Littell (provided by teacher)

    - College ruled notebook

    - At least 4 blue and black ink pens

    - At least 3 highlighters

    - One folder for course handouts

     All students are required to have their materials in class every day.

    III.    Title I Program

    Academic tutoring and test preparation is available to all students. Additional support for passing classes and graduating on time is the intent of these services. Support through Title 1 is available in the areas of: math, reading, and English. If interested, please contact Principal LaCresha Williams or Assistant Principal, Dr. Martha Sheffield at South Mountain High School.

    IV.    Reading/Writing Expectations

    Students enrolled in this course are expected to :

    -Write in alignment with MLA (Modern Language Association) standards;

    -Read daily at a minimum of 30 minutes;

    -Adhere to district policy regarding academic misconduct.  This includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, and forgery.

    V.       Attendance/Truancy Expectations

    South Mountain High School, Phoenix Union High School District, and I believe that attendance is imperative to your success. Therefore, this class will abide by South Mountain High School’s attendance and truancy policies.  This attendance policy is triggered after three, six, and nine absences and may result in the loss of credit. If absences do occur, students are responsible for completing missed assignments. Late assignments will be lowered one letter grade per day. Tardiness will not be tolerated in this class without a pass. If a student is tardy, the student will have a conference with the teacher regarding their late tendencies. Any further tardy which may occur will result in their parent/guardian being notified.

    VI.    Academic Expectations/Policies

     Traditional evaluation methods are utilized in this course.  These may include quizzes, tests, essays, reports, presentations, and speeches.

         The grading scale for this class will be as follows:

              A = 100-90%

              B = 89-80%

              C = 79-70%

              D = 69-60%

              F = Below 60%

         For term grading, the following percentages are assigned to their respective categories:

    -Essay Final Drafts = 25%

    -Tests/Exams = 25%

    -Classwork (including rough and revised drafts, etc.) = 20%

    -Homework = 20%

    -Participation = 10%

    -Extra credit = various%

    The homework requirement for this class will be to read for thirty (30) minutes daily. A brief, recorded reflection period will take place afterwards. If you do not see your child reading outside of the course, please encourage them to see me or aid them in finding a book to read. I will offer various forms of extra credit throughout the semester. This will be in addition to the assigned course work and not a replacement for assignments.

    VII.    Classroom Rules and Expectations

     1. Do not leave class without first consulting the instructor.

    2. All students will dress appropriately.

    3. Due dates are final. Any paper handed in after the specified due date shall be lowered one letter grade per day it is late.

    4. There is a zero tolerance policy within my classroom for inappropriate language and behavior. If such actions are demonstrated the student’s parents will be notified and, if need be, the school resource officer will be called.