My name is Ms. Siddiqui, and I am very excited to be teaching Chemistry 1-2, Chemistry 1H-2H, Introduction to Medical Arts 1-2, and Academic Decathlon at South Mountain High School this year. I am from Virginia, but very happy to make Arizona my home. My education began with a Bachelors' of Science from George Mason University, and has continued with a Master's of Education from Arizona State University.
    I believe success is just as important outside of the classroom as the time used inside the classroom. I have built this website to help assist students with learning by providing up-to-date information and links to access helpful content. This website is also for parents; I would like to maintain an open door policy to all family members with their child's learning. The information should help keep parents informed of how class time is used, homework assignments, and classroom procedures.
    Navigation bars to specific information can be found on the left of the page. As important announcements are made, they will post on the right.
    Tutoring Hours for this school year are as follows:
    • Tuesday during 1st Lunch
    • Wednesday - Friday during JAG Time
    • By appointment
    Once again, welcome! I look forward to a wonderful school year!