• Desiderata 

    2920 N. 34th Drive
    Phoenix, AZ 85017
    Phone Number: 602-764-0800
    Fax Number: 602-271-2963
    Attendance Hotline: 602-764-0800


    Desiderata Vision

    Build a collaborative community of respectful, responsible, and safe students and citizens.

    Desiderata Mission

    Empower students to become socially and emotionally skilled young people who see themselves as successful, productive, independent citizens at school, home, and in the community.

    Desiderata Core Values

    Be Safe - Be Responsible - Be Respectful


    Max Ehrmann's Poem "Desiderata" (latin for "desired things") is a prose poem that has an positive message, and was used as the moniker for a unique alternative program that has served Phoenix Union High School District since 1977.

    Desiderata Alternative Program serves exceptional students who have needs that are more effectively addressed in a small school environment. Students are referred to Desiderata by their home school campuses. The Desiderata Program emphasizes academic achievements and helps to support the social, emotional and behavioral development and growth of students. All students are taught district approved curriculum that meets content specific Arizona Academic Standards. Classroom activities stress student acquisition of literacy and life skills.

    Desiderata Alternative Program is housed in a 30,000-square foot facility near 35th Avenue and Thomas and was opened in 2006. The campus is designed to be functional and supportive; there are 12 classrooms, library, fitness center, cafetorium, group therapy room, instructional kitchen, assistive technology support, and an outdoor sport recreational area.