• Name: Mr. Juan Carlos Esquer
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Spanish for Spanish Speakers
    Degree(s): B.A. in English Language Teaching and Bilingual Education
    Email: esquer@phoenixunion.org

    Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2 is the first year of language study for Spanish-speaking students. This is a year-long program designed to help speakers of Spanish who have received all or most of their schooling in English to access the Spanish for Spanish Speakers curriculum. The course builds literacy skills through purposeful and relevant language activities and assists students in transferring their reading and writing skills from English to Spanish. Students will engage in the writing process, free reading, journal writing and other activities which complement the instruction they receive in English courses.

    Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4 is the second year of language study for Spanish-speaking students. This course reinforces literacy concepts and skills learned in the first-year course and provides Spanish-speaking students opportunities to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Course content will include literature-based units combined with grammar, reading and writing activities for personal and academic purposes.