•  Tercero

    Cyndi Tercero, Dropout Programs Developer 
    Cyndi Tercero, Dropout Programs Developer, is an Arizona native who has been with Phoenix Union High School District for 20 years working in student services and dropout prevention.  She is responsible for establishing and coordinating District-wide dropout prevention programs and oversees the campus staff that are responsible for connecting students and families of PUHSD to programs, services and community resources as well as staff that provide attendance interventions and dropout follow-up.

    She has a passion for enhancing and advancing the lives of our youth, which is evident in her work.  She is very involved in the community and actively seeks partnerships that promote student achievement.  She serves on several boards, committees and coalitions representing Phoenix Union High School District such as:


    • President, ASU Hispanic Mother Daughter Program Advisory Board
    • Maricopa County Department of Public Health, Streets of Success Advisory Board
    • Phoenix Union Foundation Board 
    • Degree Phoenix, Steering Committee
    • Nurse Family Partnership, Advisory Board
    • Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies
    • Community Outreach Prevention Education (COPE) Coalition
    • South Mountain Works Coalition
    • Maryvale Revitalization, Maryvale Adolescent Partnership Provider (MAPP)
    • Friendly House, Scholars Program Mentor
    • Friendly House Scholarship Committee
    • League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Education Council
    • College Depot Advisory Board