Myisha Brown
    Early Childhood Developement
    MA. Ed. Guidance and Counseling

    Welcome to South Mountains CTE Early Childhood Developement Course. My name is Myisha Brown and I am so glad you have choosen to view our website.  Students who want to make a difference by teaching young children, directing a child care program, starting a child care business, or working in a human service agency will find excellent opportunities of learning by taking this course. This program delivers a comprehensive overview of child growth and development, strategies for effective preschool teaching, developmentally-based curriculum, and current research trends. Our curriculum goes from Conception to learning the developement and standards of School Age children. The fun parts are the application of the learning such as actually wearing the empathy belly first quater. Taking care of the mechanical infant second quater, and last preparing for and participating in the Lil Jags Observational Preschool 3rd and 4th quater.