• Name: Angela Enciso   
    Currently Teaching: AP Statistics, Algebra 3-4, and Algebra 3-4 Honors
    Degrees: Bachelors in Mathematics; Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics
    Email: enciso@phoenixunion.org
    Room #: 3326  
    Motto: Never give up, perseverance always pays off.  

          Mrs. Enciso
          I have spent the past ten years working diligently to become a strong effective teacher.
      I am confident with my subject knowledge and ability to break down very complicated mathematical concepts to make them accessible for all students.  I have taught a variety of mathematics courses including; Algebra 1-2, Geometry 1-2, Algebra 3-4, and Personal Finance.  My goal is to create and maintain a positive learning environment by encouraging students to persevere and ask for help when necessary.  I believe every student can learn given the opportunity and a strong support system.  I have built a reputation for having an excellent rapport with my students and I am dedicated to teaching and going above and beyond to help my students succeed.