Welcome to the PUHSD Science Department!

    All students in Arizona are currently required to take three years of science, one of which must be Biology.  Phoenix Union High School District offers many choices for students to choose from for the other two required years.  

    Currently, the 2004 Arizona High School Science Standards are taught in PUHSD science classes and assessed in the Science Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (Science AIMS) at the end of Biology.  However, these 2004 standards are under revision at the Arizona Department of Education*, and a new assessment will result from these new standards (predicted to be administered to all 11th grade students in the spring of 2021). Based on ADE's recommendation, we are transitioning to using research-based three dimensional science instruction in conjunction with our current state standards (outlined in the Learning Progressions crosswalk prepared by ADE).  Three dimensional science instruction is recommended by the Nartional Research Council in the Framework for K-12 Science Education, is used in the Next Generation Science Standards, and aligns with and compliments the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (aka Common Core Math and English).
    *(Please see Arizona Science Standards March 2018 DRAFT to preview the proposed new standards, and ADE's K-12 Science Standards page to make comments from March 26th through May 28th, 2018, and apply to be part of the final review process.)

    Below is a list of the courses Phoenix Union offers to fulfill the required lab science credits.  Please refer to the course catalog for details on the course descriptions, prerequisites and grade level.  Not all courses are offered at each campus, based on individual campus programming, staffing, and student interest.

    Lab Science Courses Available District-Wide  

    Anatomy & Physiology (Regular and Honors)
    Biology (Regular and Honors)
    AP Biology
    College Biology
    Chemistry (Regular and Honors)
    AP Chemistry
    Earth & Space Science (Regular and Honors)
    Environmental Science (Regular and Honors)
    AP Environmental Science
    Methods of Scientific Inquiry 
    Physical Science (Regular and Honors)
    Physics (Regular and Honors)
    AP Physics (1st and 2nd year)


    Single Campus Lab Science Courses
    IB science courses at Fairfax and North
    Marine Science courses at Carl Hayden
    Integrated Science at Central