• Name: Manny Camacho
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Geometry
    Degree(s): MA

       It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you and your son or daughter.  I am very excited about being a part of your son or daughter's high school experience.  I believe that mathematics can play an important role in the future academic and professional siccess of my students.  I have worked hard to prepare my curriculm, instruction, and assessment so tham my students will be engaged and enthusiastic about this course.                           
       This course is a supplement to Geometry 1-2.  Students in the Geometry Lab are also enrolled in a regular Geometry 1-2 class.  Students will earn their math credit in the regular Geometry 1-2 class and earn an elective credit in Geometry Lab.  Lessons and activities for the Geometry Lab are designed to help the students better understand the Geometry 1-2 concepts and, as a result, improve their performance in the Geometry 1-2 class.  Lessons and activities in Geometry Lab are aligned to the Arizona State Common Core Standards for Mathematics and the district's Geometry 1-2 curriculm.
    Plan For Success  

    • Room #3101
    • Office Hours Monday thru Thurs 2:30--3:30