• Welcome to the Payroll Department

    Within this page you will be able to find valuable information that relates to payroll. If the information that you seek is not here or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the payroll department. Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

    TCP Acknowledgement (appears on timeclock)

    I hereby acknowledge that I am required to work and complete my scheduled daily hours. As per the Classified Professional Agreement, it is my responsibility to request leave, review and approve my hours weekly to ensure I have fulfilled my contracted hours. Failure to do so may result in nonpayment for hours not reported to complete the week.

    Reconocimiento de TCP (aparece en el timeclock)

    Por la presente reconozco que estoy obligado a trabajar y completar mis horas diarias. Según el Acuerdo Profesional del Personal de Apoyo, es mi responsabilidad reportar mis ausencias; revisar y aprobar mis horas semanalmente para asegurar que he cumplido con mis horas contratadas. El no hacerlo puede resultar en la falta de pago de las horas no reportadas.

  • Contact Information  

    Amalia Meza - Sites: Betty Fairfax & Food Service 
    Payroll Technician
    Carmen Ramirez
    Payroll Manager
    Elsie Austria - Alhambra & Camelback
    Payroll Specialist
    Janet Gonzales - Sites: CEE & Transportation
    Payroll Specialist
    Katrina Cabrera - Sites: Bioscience, Bostrom, Carl Hayden, Desiderata, PXU Digital & Wilson
    Payroll Specialist
    Laura Gomez - Maintains Time Clock Plus, Central & North
    Time Clock Specialist
    Rhonda Vanderveer - Sites: Guest Teachers & Trevor Browne
    Payroll Specialist
    Skylar Harris - Sites: Academies at South, Franklin & Metro Tech
     Payroll Technician
    Tovah Alexander - Sites: Construction & Facilities & Maryvale
    Payroll Technician
    Zuleika Miranda - Maintains Time Clock Plus, Cesar Chavez, Linda Abril, Phoenix Coding, Phoenix Educator Prep, PXU DECC, PXU City & Warehouse
    Time Clock Technician