• Betty H. Fairfax Wilderness Club
    Welcome to the Betty H Fairfax Wilderness Club Page.  Members of the Wilderness Club will explore the great outdoors in the state of Arizona.  
    Exploration will consist of hiking and camping at various locations.  Members will also learn about wilderness survival and preservation of the environment.  Volunteer opportunities will be offered to club members as well. 


    "Taking You Places No Other Club Will"

    Sponsor: Mr. Hazelton Contact Information: hazelton@phoenixunion.org
    Meeting Dates/Times/Locations: 200 Lab Fridays 7:20 AM 
    Meetings each Thursday in room 1216 during Advisory.
    See Mr. Hazelton to get planner signed befroe school in room 1215
    Upcoming Trip:  
     2016-2017 Wilderness Club Officers
    Club President - 
    Club Vice President - 
    Club Treasurer - 
    Club Secretary - 
    Club Survivalist - 

     T-Shirts will be here soon. Pick up yours for $5 in the bookstore starting February 20th


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