• Business Department
    Our business teachers have developed business programs that offer unique opportunities for North students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Each of our four business programs has some unique aspect that will challenge our students and prepare them for college, career, and life.
    Instructional Leader: Dr. Renata Geurtz
    Read about our accomplishments in our on-line magazine

    Business Programs offered at North High School

    Accounting 1-2, 3-4

    Students learn the how to manage money, basic accounting principles and procedures. Students will be prepared for entry-level accounting positions in business, organizations, and government.

    DUAL credit: earn up to 3 credit hours of business through Gateway CC.

    Teacher: Dr. Geurtz

    Proposed program specials: Students will visit financial organizations: banks, stock brokers, IRS or AZ Department of Revenue. Encourage student participation in FBI summer youth program and Fleisher Scholar Program and Accounting Career Awareness Program at WP Carey School of Business. Develop partnership with WP Carey Accounting Department.

    • FBLA student organization
    • Field Trips: ASU WP Carey School of Business, Accountancy department
    • FBLA competitions at Regional, State, and National levels.
    • Company Tours:  REI, Amazon, IRS, State of AZ (planned)

     Business 1-2, 3-4

    Students learn business operations including planning, organizing, researching, directing and controlling organizations. Students develop leadership and interpersonal skills, technical knowledge and skills associated with the functions of business.

    DUAL credit: earn up to 3 credit hours of business through Gateway CC.

    Teacher: Ms Lopez

    • FBLA student organization
    • Field Trips: W P Carey School of Business, ASU, Hermanas Design Your Future STEM
    • FBLA competitions at Regional, State, and National levels.
    • Winners: Website Design, Mobile Application Production, Job Interview, American Enterprise Project, Local Annual Chapter Report, E-Business
    • Student Trips: New York City, Atlanta, Disney (Anaheim & Orlando), & Hawaii
    • Scholarships: ASU, NAU, U of A, and Bowdoin

    Digital Journalism 1-2, 3-4 (video production)

    Students plan, produce, and edit video files to create videos for various purposes and audiences. Students work with video equipment and editing software.

    Students in the 3-4 course create videos that will be used at North High School, including video announcements and news magazine.

    • SkillsUSA/FBLA student organization
    • Planned Field Trips: ASU Cronkite School of Journalism, local TV studio
    • FBLA competitions at Regional, State, and National levels.

    Marketing 1-2, 3-4

    Students learn marketing, selling, and entrepreneurship concepts and skills needed in selling products and services and in starting and running a business. Distribution, management, promotion, and purchasing are just some of the many business concepts that will be taught.

    Students who complete the two-year program sequence waive the Economics graduation requirement

    Teacher: Mr. Shabazz

    • DECA student organization
    • Students in the 3-4 course manage the North High DECA store.
    • Field Trips: DigiGurlz Microsoft Event, DECA Leadership Summit, Career Expo, DECA Fall Leadership Conference, Western Region Leadership Conference
    • DECA Competitions at Regional, State, and National levels. Numerous winners
    • Scholarships: Multiple Scholarship opportunities just for being a Marketing/DECA Student
    • DECA Field Experiences: New York City (2018), Disneyland/Universal Studios (2017, 2019), Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, San Diego, etc...
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