• Dawn Morford, M. Ed, M.S.this is me
    AP Environmental Science/Dual Enrollment BIO105/IB Environmental Systems and Societies/ Environmental Science
    Degree(s):BS Renewable Natural Resources,
    M. Ed. Secondary Education-Science
    M. S. Land Resources and Environmental Science
    Contact: morford@phoenixunion.org

    Welcome to Environmental Science! In this course you will learn how you can...SAVE the WORLD!  We will learn how the choices we make affect the environment around you and rather than feeling guilty, we can make choices to do something different rather than go without.  This class will expand your mind and apply directly to your life.  Watch this video on youtube to see what I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDTmjR_GG1w
    • Room S17
    • Office Hours 3:05pm-3:30pm M-F or by appointment
    • Textbook(s) Name(s):  APES: Living in the Environment; General Environmental Science:  Environmental Science by Pearson