• Name: A. Snelling
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Freshman English
    Degree(s): B.S. in Secondary Education

    Welcome to Ms.Snelling's 9th grade English class page! I will be updating this page to include assignments and useful links in the near future! 
    Room #: 2020
    Office Hours: 7 AM-8 AM, 2:40 PM-3:30 PM, or by appointment.
    About me:  
    My Teaching Philosophy:
    As an educator of our future minds, I strive to implement a student-centered approach in my classroom. What this means is that I, as the teacher, would become the facilitator of student learning rather than the director or expert of it. As a student-centered instructor, I would be placing my students in the center of my class lessons and taking into account the multiple intelligences and strengths of each and every student. This would also mean, that I will take into account their own culture, history, and interests  when planning out my curriculum. Not every student learns the same way, and using a student centered approach allows students to use there own talents and abilities to succeed and it is true that every student is capable of being successful. 
     I feel that having the students have control of their learning helps them develop both critical thinking skills and express their own creativity through different outlets of learning.  It is vital for students to be able develop and apply critical thinking skills in a professional environment within a strong ethical environment. 
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