• Name: Douglas Hester
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Biology 1-2, Environmental Science 1-2, Introduction to High School Math
    Degree(s): B.S. University of Maryland 1994
                     D.C. Northwestern Health Sciences University 1999
                     M.A. Ed. University of Phoenix 2011 

    PLAN FOR SUCCESS        Mr. Hester
    Mr. Hester

    Welcome to Biology 1-2 for the 2014-2015 school year.  Science is a verb, meaning that you will be participating in a very hands-on, active learning environment this year!

    COURSE OVERVIEW:  Biology is an inquiry-based course designed to familiarize you with science processes, skills, and understandings related to a wide range of topics in biology. We will be following the ACT Quality Core curriculum.  During this course, you will learn to identify the basic questions and concepts that guide scientific investigation and to design and conduct your own investigations. Some important skills you will develop include microscopy, graphing and measurement, identification of research questions, making connections, and the ability to be a self-directed learner.

    You will be increasing your knowledge in the areas of

    ·         Scientific Inquiry

    ·         Ecology

    ·         Organism Structure

    ·         Genetics

    ·         Evolution

    We have only one and that is:

    I will engage in behaviors that support the learning process and refrain from those that interfere with my learning or the learning of others

    Students are responsible for following Metro Tech’s school policies, which are listed in the student handbook.

    This is an 18 week course so attendance is very important.  The student will need to attend class on a regular basis and BE ON TIME to be able to receive full credit for assignments.  Students will lose credit for the semester in any course when reaching a total of 10 (excused/unexcused) absences.


    Biology: Prentice Hall (2006)

    Notebook, binder, pencil, computer access.  Notebooks are required in class, every day!


    You often will be assigned to a group and will be expected to contribute your best effort to your group assignment.  You must help keep your work area clean, and return all materials and equipment before leaving the classroom every day.  You must follow instructions and class rules.  This is a lab intensive course and all lab safety procedures, which you will learn, must be followed or you will not be permitted to participate in labs.

    Please remember that you are FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for all lab tools, equipment and materials you DAMAGE, BREAK OR TAKE from the science lab.

    Class activities and discussions will explore biology concepts. They are intended to help you become conversant with the language biologists use and the type of work that biologists do.  Our activities will familiarize you with skills needed to investigate scientific questions, allow you to establish effective research habits, and reinforce information learned.

    Effective communication, thinking, and collaboration skills are essential to science; and your best efforts in these areas are expected in class.


    SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE: To make scientific progress, it is important for scientists to share information with each other and with the public both orally and in writing. You will be responsible for reading, summarizing, critiquing, discussing, and presenting information from scientific articles.

    The student will receive points for the following criteria:

    1.     Quality of assignments, performance and products.

    2.     Thoroughness in completing required and relevant work.

    3.     Promptness in completing work.

    4.     Participation and leadership in the class.

    5.     Performance on quizzes and tests including district mandated tests.

    Students with incomplete or missing assignments may be assigned additional tutoring during their advisory period, and are encouraged to use advisory to advance their learning in all courses.  Students with a further need for assistance may make additional appointments to meet with their instructor.  It is highly recommended that students track their assignments in their planners.

    Your final grade will be determined based on the percentage of the total amount of points earned in the class during the semester, 10% of which will be earned on the district final.  Grades will be assigned as follows:  90% & up = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79% = C, 60-69% = D, 59% & below = F.  Parents and students can access current grade information on-line through parentVUE/studentVUE, which can be accessed at www.phoenixunion.org.

    :  Please feel free to contact me through e-mail or leave a message by calling Metro Tech’s front office if you have any concerns or questions.  I am looking forward to a successful year with your student and facilitating their learning.
    Mr. Douglas Hester

    Science Teacher – Metro Tech

    (602) 764-8000