• Name: Craig Musser
    Subjects / Classes Taught: English 7/8 (British Literature), English 1/2 (Freshmen Literature)
    Degree(s): BA - English, BS - Secondary Education, Currently working on Masters program in English Education

    A little about me ...
    I was born in Superior, Wisconsin and grew up in the Merrill/Wausau area in central Wisconsin.  I returned to the Superior area during my junior year of high school and graduated in 1980 from Northwestern High School.  In 1982 I joined the US Air Force as an Administrative Technician.  I had two tours in Florida and one in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  I was also stationed in Turkey, Korea, and Germany.  After 10 years in the military, I returned to civilian life and Wisconsin.  I worked for the state as a desktop publisher and then moved on to corporate America as an office manager.  In 1997 I moved to St. Louis, Missouri and worked for 4 years in the beverage industry before moving to a soy-based health food ingredient company. 

    In 2004 I returned to school to finish my bachelor degrees and teaching certification program.  I graduated magna cum laude in 2007 from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis with a BA in English and a BS in Secondary Education. 

    Prior to coming to the Phoenix Union High School District, I taught for 5 years in Parker, Arizona in both the middle school and high school.  This is my fourth year at Carl Hayden and I am definitely enjoying the experience. 

    I have many interests, most notably traveling.  I traveled a lot through many countries in Europe, including Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, and the Czech Republic; however, I still have hopes of traveling through Great Britain and Greece. 

    I currently have two "children", Sir Hagrid R. Puffinstuff and Dr. Hermoine S. Whitepaws, PhD, who were named after characters in one of my favorite literature series, Harry Potter. 

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