• Ms. Benya

    Margo Benya
    Biology and Physical Science/Freshman Academy - Accelerated Science
    Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of Denver, Denver Colorado. Certificate program Teaching Linguistically Diverse Learners, Regis University, Denver, Colorado
     Welcome to my world. I am fairly new to Carl Hayden High School and high school in general. I spent the fist twelve years of my career in middle school teaching 8th grade. I absolutely love it here! Carl Hayden is the best place to be. I teach mostly sophomores but I also work with incoming freshmen and a few freshmen.
    I am all about science, in every way. My wildest dream would be to have everyone love science as much as I do. I think science gives us a real view of the world and how we fit into it.
    I can be found most days in room 244 where my philosophy is, If you have a question, come see me and I will try my best to help you.
    I am usually here by 715 am and  will stay after as long as you need me.