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    Dear Camelback Teachers:

    The Curriculum Division is asking that all teachers take the Learning Forward (former NSDC) Professional Learning Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI). The results will provide information regarding the professional learning in our district and individual schools and the direction we may need to focus on in the future. Your completion of the survey is encouraged and appreciated All information collected is anonymous. We want to thank you for your help.


    This e-mail/letter contains all the information required to register at the Learning Forward website and begin filling out your SAI. Follow the steps listed below and you can be ready to go in just a few minutes.



    1              Go to the site  http://www.sai-learningforward.org/arizona.php

    2              Click on the appropriate Login or Register option on the welcome screen

    3              Enter your e-mail address or a user name

    4              Enter your password, or create one if you are newly registering

    5              Enter the school’s token in the field when available. Camelback’s token is  ZMATM



    It has been suggested that you record your username and password in case you forget it. No one will be able to connect your password or username with your survey answers.

    Once you have completed these steps, you will be brought directly to your survey. If you choose not to complete the survey in one sitting, you may click ‘save’ at any time to save your results. You can login later to return to the survey and complete it. You will not need your token to log in again if you return to the survey.


    • Please click on each survey link above and complete each survey
    • Average time to complete each survey is about 7 minutes
    • Please Start and Finish the Surveys during your designated
    • Please let Mari Bailey know if you have any questions or need help with anything



    NOTE:  Once you have clicked "DONE" on the surveys, you cannot go back in and do them again.  When you get to the page that says, "Thank you for taking this survey," then you are done with the survey, and you can go back to the webpage to do the next week (it's best to open a new window to access our webpage). 

    thank you for taking this survey
    Please do not click on the "Take More Surveys" button.