• Thank you for visiting our website! We appreciate your ongoing support of our initiatives. I would like to take a few moments to remind everyone of our initiatives.
    We are very pleased with the ongoing improvement of our campus climate. 
    We feel that our climate is so positive because of our campus initiative called the CBHS Campus Climate Initiative to which we have all committed:

     Clean ~ A well-maintained, blight-free campus and community

    Beautiful ~ A commitment to pride and respect of facilities and grounds

    Happy ~ A student-body of courteous, respectful Spartans who welcome all to campus

    Safe ~ A non-violent, secure campus focused on academic and personal excellence  

    We have also adopted a new and exciting mission statement. At Camelback High School, we are A Unified Community Dedicated to Building Graduates Worth of the Spartan S.H.I.E.L.D.  Each letter of the SHIELD represents a characteristic that we will help your child develop by the time she/he graduates from Camelback High School.The characteristics are described as follows:

    Stewardship ~ Service, Philanthropy, and Commitment 

    Honor ~ Respect, Pride, and Honesty

    Intelligence ~ Critical-thinking, Problem-solving, and College-readiness

    Ethics ~ Morals, Values, and Ethics

    Leadership ~ Resourcefulness, Citizenship, and Character

    Discipline ~ Decision-making, Work Ethic, and Responsibility 

    In our innovative Advisory period, we teach these characteristics through videos and lessons focused on preparing your child for success in college, career, and life.     

    As you know, we require that every student at Camelback High School joins a club or a sport, completes four community service projects, and attends 20 campus events a year (either during the school day or after school). These requirements are designed to ensure that your child is “connected” to campus and the community, as research shows that “connected” students perform better, graduate more frequently, and become more successful in college and career after high school. We greatly appreciate your support with this initiative.

    At Camelback High School, we have a very important initiative titled, “Success Is Mandatory.” We are dedicated to holding our students and ourselves accountable for success. Failure is not an option. All students at CBHS who fail one or more classes are required to attend tutoring sessions in order to get back on track. Tutoring is available before school, during school, after school, and Saturday. Please see counseling for details.

    For students who are excelling in school, you will see many more course options and enrichment opportunities this year. We have increased our AP offerings from 7 to 14 in just two years.  We offer the only freshmen AP course in the Valley!  In many cases, we have doubled and even tripled our honors offerings in order to provide more access to upper level courses. But we are also focused on raising the expectation in all of our regular courses.  We have recently adopted the ACT Quality Core, a framework that ensures that our regular courses are aligned with college readiness standards. We also offer ACT and SAT prep courses and organize field trips to local universities. Please see your child’s counselor for more details. 

    Finally, in our effort to improve all that we do, we have become very serious about customer service at CBHS.  We have a customer service mission statement, A Model for Educational Customer Service in the Valley.  We expect that every visitor to campus is treated like family. If you have any questions or concerns about the way you were greeted or treated on campus, please contact our administration. 

    Respectfully, Dr. Chad Gestson